Publish of new / updated BIM Standards and BIM-related publications

In December 2020, the following new / updated BIM Standards and BIM-related publications were published, and are available for download at the CIC BIM Portal.


  1. CIC BIM Standards – General (with Hong Kong local Annex of ISO 19650-2:2018) Version 2 - December 2020
  • The existing 2019 edition, namely "CIC BIM Standards – General (August 2019)" will be kept and maintained for the existing users. While the new edition (Version 2) is targeted for advanced / experienced users and who are considering to connect to the ISO standards.
  • For the hierarchy / framework of CIC BIM Standards publications, please refer to the relevant Section 'Introduction' in the new edition.
  1. CIC BIM Standards for Architecture and Structural Engineering (in line with ISO 19650) Version 2 - December 2020
  2. CIC BIM Dictionary (in line with ISO 19650) December 2020
  3. CIC BIM Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) Template (BIM Specifications) (in line with ISO 19650) December 2020
  • Include Appendix 1 Sample Project EIR for Planning & Design Stages and Appendix 2 Sample Project EIR for Construction Stage.
  1. CIC BIM Standards for Preparation of Statutory Plan Submissions December 2020
  • Include the software neutral BIM Standards, and the associated software specific User Guides, Software Templates, Sample Project Models, Sample Drawings and BIM Object Presentation Summary.