Task Force on BIM Personnel Development

Terms of Reference


  1. To conduct a comprehensive survey on the supply and demand of BIM personnel in the construction industry in 2022 as well as forecast for the next 5 years, and report the findings.


  1. To develop short-term, middle-term and long-term strategic plans on BIM personnel development to meet the industry needs including but not limited to provide suggestions for the CIC BIM Certification and Accreditation Board on sustainable development of BIM personnel in Hong Kong.


  1. To explore ways to promote BIM education to secondary and higher education institutions and students.


  1. To review application requirements and examination content of the certification of BIM personnel and accreditation of corresponding courses.


  1. To explore BIM personnel training in training service providers, secondary and higher education institutions.


  1. To develop and publish a white paper/ report on BIM personnel development by Q1 2023.


Last Update: 2024-05-03 16:29:34