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BIM Awareness Seminar PowerPoint

Guildline for BIM Modelling Computer

Guideline for BIM Modelling Computer

The purpose of this guideline is to provide a reference hardware specification for BIM modelling computer to facilitate Works Departments (WDs) to specify contract computer facilities under works contracts or to facilitate daily office use for the purpose of BIM application.
Work from home 3

Video of Tips on "Work from Home"

This video provides tips and demonstration on software assisting work from home. Watch Video
Standard web-03

Draft of CIC BIM Specifications for comment

To facilitate construction industry in Hong Kong to adopt and implement BIM, a Task Force on BIM Specifications and Agreement was formed for the development of sample BIM specifications, requirements and contractual materials. Developed by the Task Force on BIM Specifications and Agreement, the first draft of the CIC BIM Specifications now available. To ensure the developed CIC BIM Specifications could meet the industry needs, we would be grateful to have your comments and views. The period for comment is now valid until 27 May 2020. You may feel free to give your comments to us by: Send to our email: Should you have any questions, please contact Ms. Nina Niu at or 3199 7145.
CIC BIM Adoption Survey 2019_Cover

BIM Adoption Survey 2019

The BIM Adoption Survey conducted in the year of 2019 aims to establish a fuller picture of the BIM adoption situation in the Hong Kong construction industry and a baseline for benchmarking BIM adoption. It explores the hurdles and opportunities in BIM adoption so as to recommend and develop strategies and actions to advance the BIM adoption in Hong Kong. We welcome feedbacks on the report to