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Australia and New Zealand - Open BIM Object Standard
The OBOS is a free resource to assist in the creation of BIM objects, for use by all construction professionals – from designers and specifiers to manufacturers and BIM content developers. NATSPEC and Masterspec (New Zealand) agreed to work together to develop a BIM object standard, following the collapse of a previous initiative to create an International BIM object standard, in collaboration with NBS-UK. The result is the Open BIM object standard (OBOS) intended for use by all construction professionals – from designers and specifiers to manufacturers and BIM content developers, to assist in the creation of standardised generic, manufacturer and project specific BIM objects. Having a standard for BIM object creation in place within Australia will provide confidence to object authors and, importantly, to product manufacturers that their BIM objects will be acceptable to the end users of the objects, allowing them to manage their BIM content in a consistent and structured manner. The acceptability of standard-based content means that authors and manufacturers do not waste their time, money and resources creating BIM content that may not be accepted by industry. With the aim of harmonising BIM practices internationally, an extensive review of existing global guides, standards and protocols relating to the creation of BIM content was completed as part of the research and preparation work. The OBOS complements and aligns with the recently released NATSPEC BIM Properties Generator, both are mutually supportive tools. The former sets out the rules for applying properties to objects, specifies their format and provides requirements for the graphical modelling and functionality of a BIM object. The latter is a compendium of properties for common architectural and structural objects, that conform to the standard.

APEC - Start-Up Guide, Building Information Modeling
This Start-Up Guide was developed in collaboration with the bimSCORE team in support of work on green building by the APEC Subcommittee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC), through the multi-year project on the Role of Standards and Conformity Assessment Measures in Enhancing the Performance and Energy Efficiency of the Commercial Building Sector.