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GUIDE SME Platform
CIC Beginner's Guide on Construction Digitalisation - Smart Site Digital Platform
This document is a guide aimed at providing information to the industry stakeholders on the commonly required functionalities of a digital platform for managing a typical construction project. It provides practical guidance to help users to select, procure, use and manage the digital platforms for use in the construction stage.

CIC Beginner’s Guide on Construction Digitalisation – Adoption of CDE for Information Management using BIM
Common Data Environment (CDE) is a digital solution for the management and storage of shared information for any given project or asset. It is regarded as an effective tool to further enhancing the effective use of BIM. This Guide is developed for Clients (Appointing Parties), Lead Consultants and Main Contractors (Lead Appointed Parties) who have no or mere experience in the CDE adoption. It aims to provide practical advice on the general considerations when selecting a CDE as an information management and collaboration tool for BIM, as stated in the CIC BIM Standards – General (CICBIMS) and ISO 19650.