CIC Webinar on BIM-Certification and Accreditation Schemes - Latest Updates, Tips and FAQ

22/10/2020 | 16:00 - 17:00

In 2019, Construction Industry Council (CIC) launched the CIC BIM Certification and Accreditation Schemes (the Schemes) to ascertain the competency of BIM practitioners and the quality of local BIM training programmes. The certification scheme for the BIM personnel initially deal with applicants who wish to be certified by CIC as BIM Managers. The accreditation scheme for the BIM training courses is targeted at course providers who are offering or are going to offer BIM Manager courses.In March of 2020, we have announced to expand the current Schemes by launching the Certification of BIM Coordinators and Accreditation of BIM Coordinator Courses.This webinar aims to raise your understanding on the Schemes for BIM Managers & Coordinators, including the assessment criteria, common problems when applying and tips for preparing a good portfolio, etc. You are cordially invited to attend the webinar to prepare for the application of the Schemes. Speaker: Mr. Sunny CHOI, Manager – BIM, Construction Industry Council An electronic copy of CPD attendance certificate will be issued to the qualified participants after the webinar. Should you have any queries, please contact Ms. WOO (email: bimcas@cic.hk; tel: 3199 7146).
BIM Talks

CIC Webinar on BIM Talks: Experience Sharing and Roadmap by Government Departments

21/10/2020 | 15:00 – 17:00

CIC's goal is to bring together bright minds to give talks that are related to the successful implementation of BIM in real life, and on a wide range of topics to accelerate BIM adoption. BIM experts of different background from the industry will be invited to share their "how-to-BIM" experience in BIM Talks. Participating in this webinar counts for 2 CPD hours. The e-Certificate of Attendance will be sent via email to qualified participants within one month following the webinar. Should you have any inquiries, please contact Ms. WONG at bim@cic.hk / 2100 9034.
BIM Solution Day

CIC Webinar on BIM-Solution Day (BIM Track): How to optimize your design with leveraging issues tracking inside of Navisworks & Revit

14/10/2020 | 15:30 - 17:00

The "BIM Solution Day" aims at promoting the latest BIM-related solutions to stakeholders. Every time, we have a different theme to introduce stakeholders about the latest solutions in a particular area.We are glad to have the participation of isBIM Limited, please refer to the following product informationDescription of the Webinar (Content provided by the vendor): Learning how to navigate and use another BIM software is, let's be honest, a major learning curve. What if you could track and respond to your issues directly inside of Navisworks & Revit? Optimize your design and constructability communication with BIM Track. It will share the optimal issue resolution workflow, working with maximal context in your day-to-day software.See how simple it is to: Create BIM Track issues directly from your Navisworks clashes View and respond to assigned issues within Revit Manage Revit and Navisworks Viewpoints in the cloud Create issues in Revit - Automatically generate issue and clash spheres in Revit, Navisworks or Viewer Share project issues, viewpoints, and models with project stakeholders using just a browser Obtain single-click project metrics & reports for Design Review Reporting An electronic copy of the CPD attendance certificate will be issued to the qualified participants after the webinar.Watch Recorded Webinar VideoSpeaker:Mr. Wilson LI, isBIM LimitedShould you have any inquiries, please contact Ms. LI at bimspace@cic.hk / 3199 7274.

Digital Construction with BIM, GIS, IoT for Smart City Development

14/10/2020 | 17:45 - 19:15

Calendar_DWSS Series

Webinar on How to Choose your DWSS for Integrated Construction Management

13/10/2020 | 10:00 – 11:00

The Development Bureau has published a Technical Circular on Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS) (ref. DevB TC (W) No. 3/2020) intending to enhance the standard and efficiency of work supervision as well as the quality and safety of works. The adoption of DWSS will certainly increase productivity, enhance regulation and quality assurance for the industry. In order to support this transformation, Construction Industry Council (CIC) has launched a webinar series on DWSS to facilitate the adoption of digital technologies for construction site supervision.In this webinar, Ir Terence LUI will introduce a DWSS solution called Varadise DWSS and share his experience in implementing digital technologies in construction projects. Besides technological considerations, there are several other factors that people should consider when selecting DWSS. Different evaluation criteria and common problems people may face when implementing DWSS will be discussed. Terence will also share how projects should position DWSS as whole to improve project quality, and integrate with BIM as Integrated Construction Management (ICM) to achieve smart construction.Highlights: Exploring different selection criteria and common problems when implementing DWSS How to position DWSS and integrate with BIM to improve overall projects quality Speaker: Ir Terence LUI, CEO, Varadise Limited & Telescope Consulting LimitedAn electronic copy of the CPD attendance certificate will be issued to the qualified participants after the webinar. Watch Recorded Webinar VideoShould you have any inquiries, please contact Ms. Jackie YANG at citac@cic.hk / 2100 9832.
Calendar_Enhancement of CIC BIM Standards (General) Public Consultation_v2

CIC Webinar on BIM - Enhancement of "CIC BIM Standards - General" Public Consultation

05/10/2020 | 14:00 – 17:00

The CIC had appointed A.C.I.D. as the Consultant to prepare an enhancement of the "CIC Building Information Modelling (BIM) Standards - General". This enhanced "CIC BIM Standards - General" aims to be adopted by architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors and other industry practitioners for the construction industry in Hong Kong.The Consultant has studied and compared the current local and international practices to ensure the enhanced "CIC BIM Standards - General" to: Satisfy industry requirements; Align with the approach of information management using BIM as mentioned in ISO 19650; Include all necessary information to satisfy the requirements of ISO 19650-2, in particular for those to be used as local annex for Hong Kong; and Pave the way for the Government's initiatives/roadmap for promoting and fostering the adoption of BIM in Hong Kong. The project was commenced on 20 May 2020 and the 2nd draft of enhanced "CIC BIM Standards - General" has been prepared, our current step is to collect and consider views from the public. As such, you are cordially invited to attend the Public Consultation webinar and provide your views and comments on the draft Standards.The webinar will explain the background of the project, objectives, methodology, deliverables and specific topics where your views are critical to contribute a successful enhanced "CIC BIM Standards - General".The 2nd draft of enhanced "CIC BIM Standards - General" will be available in the CIC BIM Portal on 5 October 2020 for download, review and comment, the period of public consultation is from 5-23 Oct 2020.DownloadWatch Recorded Webinar VideoShould you have any queries, please contact Mr. Elvis CHIU (email: elvischiu@cic.hk; tel: 2100 9655). *Disclaimer: The slide no.13 and Polling Question Q1 are no longer applicable for consultation.