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CIC BIM Standards for Architecture and Structural Engineering (Version 2 - December 2020)

(The download files contain the BIM Standards and the LOD Responsibility Matrix)


This Standards sets out the BIM Standards for  Architecture and Structural Engineering. It provides a standardised Level of Information Need (LOIN) framework and a common language for the use of BIM in the construction industry in Hong Kong, this Standards serves as an extension covering and providing more specific details mainly on architecture and structural engineering. There are also limited samples of LOD element specifications for site elements and civil works such as bridges and marine works (seawall, breakwater, pier/jetty, etc).

This Standards must be read in conjunction with CIC BIM Standards - General (Version 2 - December 2020), which contains major enhancements to align with ISO 19650’s Information Management principles, workflows and requirements, also providing Hong Kong Local Annex of ISO 19650-2:2018

Appendix A LOD Responsibility Matrix ARC STR V2 Dec2020