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CIC BIM Guide for using BIM in generation of MEP digital drawings for statutory submissions (2021)

The BIM Guide is designed to provide the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations (AECO) industry with a recommended common language and good practice to prepare and generate necessary MEP drawings for statutory submissions effectively and efficiently through BIM, and preferably that touch-up adjustments and/or modifications on presentation format and style of the MEP drawings upon generation from BIM models can be curtailed as far as practicable. 


The focus of this BIM Guide is to demonstrate the methodology of drawing preparation using BIM software.


The BIM Guide includes a written software neutral BIM Guide, software-specific templates, user guides, sample models and sample drawings.


The software-specific templates, user guides, sample models and sample drawings can be downloaded at the below link.




The training videos can be found at the below link.

Video 1   Introduction of the BIM Guide

Video 2   Software-Specific demonstration - Revit   

Video 3   Software-Specific demonstration - BricsCAD


This BIM Guide is issued as reference materials, we welcome any feedback to