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CIC BIM Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) Template (BIM Specifications) (Version 1.1 – 2021)

This EIR Template (Version 1.1 – 2021) supersedes the previous publication (December 2020).


The purpose of this document is to provide users with a standard Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) Template based on ISO 19650-1, which is required for service agreements or contracts following CIC BIM Standards and methodology depending on the type, scope and other Appointing Parties' requirements for those projects. Users are advised to go through the EIR Template and customise them for their specific project application. This EIR Template should be used in conjunction with the CIC BIM Standards – General (Version 2.1 - 2021).


CIC BIM Standards - General (Version 2.1 - 2021)


Users may make reference to Sample Project EIR for Planning & Design Stages and Construction Stage (Appendix 1 & 2). As they customise the BIM EIR Template for their specific project application, adjust or amend the contents to satisfy their purposes and needs.