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Production of BIM Object Guide - General Requirements (June 2018)

(Superseded by Production of BIM Object Guide - General Requirements (August 2019) )


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is not just a three-dimensional drawing tool but a new tool to holistically manage information relating to construction projects from planning stage, to design, construction and operational stages. It is a new way of working using new technology to facilitate project management and execution, better construction process control, cross-disciplinary collaboration, internal coordination, external communication, problem solving, decision making support, productivity management, and risk management. 

BIM is a way of working – it facilitates construction professionals to work together and communicate in one PLATFORM and all team members should be working to the same standards. BIM creates value from the combined efforts of people, process and technology. 

Development Bureau of The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region issued Technical Circular (Works) No. 7/2017 Adoption of Building Information Modelling for Capital Works Projects in Hong Kong which takes effect from January 2018. The Circular sets out the policy and requirements on the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology and applies to works to works either by in-house government staff, consultants or contractors. 

The Circular has mandatory requirements for the BIM use of drawing production at design phase and construction phase. Drawing production is the most important and concerned deliverable of industry, both statutorily and contractually. A value driven BIM should be able to generate drawing production set for presentation, statutory and tender purpose. 

A BIM project is made up of a lot of BIM objects such as walls, floors, columns, window, door, furniture or even a picture on the wall. To achieve the drawing production objective, a digital component that contains both geometry and non-geometry information of a product or element in the building needs to be standardised. 

This Guide is intended to standardise the minimum requirement of the production of BIM objects for BIM object creators such as manufacturers, material suppliers and software vendors, etc in the construction industry.  Standardising the production of BIM object is a pre-requisition to the compilation of a comprehensive and usable BIM object library to improve the productivity, quality and efficiency of BIM process to facilitate the design and construction of the projects.