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CIC BIM Standards - General (August 2019)

There is a new edition available, titled “CIC BIM Standards - General (Version 2 – December 2020)”,

Please note the current situation regarding the suite of CIC BIM Standards as follows:

(a)    Other CIC BIM Standards issued in or after December 2020 will align with CIC BIM Standards – General : December 2020 Edition.

(b)    Other CIC BIM Standards issued before December 2020 will be updated to align with December 2020 Edition in their next annual review. 

(c)     Both August 2019 Edition and December 2020 Edition of CIC BIM Standards - General, together with their corresponding suite of other BIM Standards, will be kept in use.

As regards implementation, Appointing Parties together with their Appointed Parties may consider their individual cases as follows:

(a)    For projects due for commencement in 2021, it is advisable to adopt the December 2020 Edition as far as practicable.

(b)    For existing projects at an advanced stage, it is advisable to continue with the use of the August 2019 Edition.

(c)     For existing projects at an early stage, Appointing Party and Appointed Parties may consider each case on its own merits as to whether or not they wish to adopt the December 2020 Edition.

For more details, please refer to the Foreword in the CIC BIM Standards - General (Version 2 – December 2020)