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CIC BIM for Asset Management and Facility Management Case Sharing 2021

This publication provides a case sharing on the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Asset Management and Facility Management for reference by the industry. The CIC aims to promote and support the construction industry in BIM adoption throughout the lifecycle in projects, and to cultivate and nurture a culture of adopting BIM and related technologies, such as IoT, to support the green and intelligent building approach. Observations are found in the CIC BIM Adoption Survey Reports 2019 and 2020, the top BIM hurdles in the construction industry in Hong Kong, including (i) lack of BIM expertise, (ii) lack of BIM project experience, and (iii) absence of BIM requirements by the client. Meanwhile, the adoption rate in BIM uses for asset management and facility management or related purposes is still low. In this connection, the CIC has been collecting relevant showcases from the industry, as well as identified our own pilot projects, and develop as a case for sharing with the industry for reference.