FYPs/Thesis/Journal from Higher Education Institutions in Hong Kong


Below Information is provided by the Higher Insitutions signed MoU with CIC.



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Institution Title Type Date Author(s) Abstract Link
HKU Defining QS-BIM in Hong Kong Thesis 04/2019 LEE Curtise -- N.A.
HKU The Determinants of Information Technology Applications in Retail under the Context of Shopping Malls in Hong Kong Thesis 04/2018 KAM Oi Man -- N.A.
HKU A Study to Review and Redefine the QS Core Competencies in a BIM Environment in Hong Kong Thesis 04/2018 YU Kin Kwan -- N.A.
HKU Relations between Organizational Change and Building Information Modelling Implementation: A Social Network Analysis Thesis 04/2017 LEUNG Hiu Lam -- N.A.
HKU Communication in Construction: A Cost Management Perspective through Bim Case Studies Thesis 04/2017 LAW Cheuk Fung -- N.A.
HKU A Practical and Modern Approach to BIM Application for Quantity Surveying in Hong Kong Thesis 04/2016 TSE Tung -- N.A.