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Construction Digitalisation B2B Speed Matching Day - CDE platform for site management (只提供英文版本)

26/08/2022 | 09:30 - 17:30

Please note that all visitors must complete a health declaration form, use the "LeaveHomeSafe" Mobile App to scan the venue QR code, take body temperature and wear masks before entering CIC premises. Visitors who have a body temperature higher than 37 degrees Celsius, not wearing masks, or have been to the countries/areas with outbreaks of COVID-19 in the past 14 days (Details are in accordance with the updated health quarantine announcements by Centre for Health Protection), are not allowed to enter the CIC premises. For details of the latest CHP updates, please refer to: www.chp.gov.hk Food and drinks (except water) are not allowed in the CIC BIM Space. The Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations (AECO) industry is set for changes. Moving from mere conceptualisation, digital construction and implementation is thriving in Hong Kong and around the world. All processes involved in the built asset lifecycle are streamlined and digitalised to continuously improve productivity and safety during planning, design, construction and operation, and sustainability for better quality of life. With that in mind, the CIC will organise a new event called "Construction Digitalisation B2B Speed Matching Day" at CIC BIM Space to provide a platform to pave the way for implementing construction digitalisation with users and solutions providers across the industry. The topic of this time is CDE platform for site management. In this new event, apart from seminar and workshop, B2B private session (30 mins) can be arranged with specific solution providers within the event day. Remarks: Seminar can cater max. 30 pax (first-come-first serve basis) Workshop can cater max. 23 pax (first-come-first serve basis) Confirmation email will be sent upon successful registration Programme Rundown: Participating in this event counts for 1 CPD hours for joining 1 session of seminar or workshop. The e-Certificate of Attendance will be sent via email to participants within one month following the event. We will use the name on registration form to issue the attendance certificate. For registration, please click apply now, fill in the form and pick your desired session. Confirmation email will be sent upon successful registration. Please feel free to contact Ms. LI at 3199 7274 for any enquiry.
BIM Talks

議會網上研討會BIM Talks:2021建造業議會數碼化大獎 - 機構類別得獎者分享

17/08/2022 | 15:00 – 17:00

舉辦BIM Talks的目標是希望大家集思廣益,把現實生活中成功實行BIM的例子與業界分享,增加BIM在市場上的使用率。每次活動議會都會邀請不同範疇的BIM專家出席,分享他們「如何用BIM」及當中的經驗。今年,我們將邀請2021建造業議會數碼化大獎機構類別得獎者分享他們的BIM轉型計劃以及BIM為其機構帶來的好處、成果和績效。 備註:在直播時段出席率達80%以上的參加者將會在網上研討會結束後一個月內收到電子出席證書。任何重溫時段的出席率將不會計算在內。 重播影片現在只供i-Club會員觀看,請按此處加入i-Club。 如有查詢,請與蔡小姐(電郵: bim@cic.hk ; 電話: 2100 9034)聯絡。

BIM Technical Sharing:  Project & Contract Management - Megaproject Case Study (只提供英文版本)

26/08/2022 | 14:30 – 16:00

BIM Technical Sharing: Project & Contract Management - Megaproject Case Study Abstract: Megaprojects have played a significant role in creating history, from the Great Pyramids of Giza in ancient Egypt or the Great Wall of China to Tiangong Station or SpaceX’s program to colonize Mars in the modern society, they are lasting testament to human accomplishment. Megaprojects are large scale investment projects, many of which are internationally famous, such as Australia’s Sydney Opera House or close to home, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. As technology continues to advance, engineers are pushing the boundaries of what is feasible in construction. Megaprojects embrace ambition to change society, while a normal construction project simply fulfills a need. From the project manager’s perspective, the speaker quotes some poor project management lessons from classic megaproject example and shares some of his observations in recent projects under his supervision in an attempt to provide some foods for thought and brain storming for better project & contract management professionals. Speaker: Ir Andrew Keung, BSc(Eng), DipArb, CEng, FICE, FHKIE, FCIArb, FCInstCES, FHKIPM (President's Chief Representative, The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors) Biography: After graduated in UK, Mr. Keung has worked in London and Australia, projects included Darling Harbour development and mining infrastructure projects. Returned to Hong Kong in 1988, he has worked for major consultants, Binnies, AECOM and Arup supervising the construction of many mega development projects, Tin Shui Wai and Yuen Long new town development. He was the Chief Resident Engineer of Cyberport development, Route 8 Ngong Shuen Chau Viaduct and Anderson Road Site Formation projects. Mr. Keung took on new challenge in 2010, working for major contractors, being project director of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge – Hong Kong Link Road, the Scenic Hill to HKBCF section in 2012; Studio City in Cotai, Macau in 2013-2015, Redevelopment of Queen Mary Hospital Phase 1 and more recently, the Third Runway for Airport Authority. He was the Director and General Manager of Paul Y. Construction Co Ltd and currently, he is the CEO of RockOne Engineering Company Ltd, a well-established Macau company who would like to extend its business in Hong Kong. He has some 40 years of practical experience in his belt. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, as well as HKIE, CIArb and CICES. He was the President of Hong Kong Institute of Project Management and has been the President’s Chief Representative of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors since 2011. Prior registration is required. Confirmation details will be sent to successful applicants by email. For enquiry, please contact Ir Owen Lee, Head of Training at training@hkibim.org or Ir Ken Mao, Head of Technical at technical@hkibim.org.
BIM Awareness Seminar 2.0_v2

建築信息模擬講座及工作坊 2.0

25/08/2022 | 09:30 – 12:30

所有進入議會範圍的訪客必須填寫健康申報表、使用「安心出行」流動應用程式掃描場地的二維碼、量度體溫及戴上口罩。請注意,到訪人士如出現體溫超過攝氏37度、未有戴上口罩或於過去14天曾到訪出現疫症的相關國家或地區(詳情根據衞生防護中心最新的衞生檢疫安排),將不得進入議會範圍。有關衞生防護中心最新資訊,請參閱衞生防護中心的網頁:www.chp.gov.hk 建造業議會建築信息模擬空間禁止飲食(飲用水除外)。 為提高從業員對建築信息模擬的認知和了解,建造業議會將免費舉辦「建築信息模擬講座及工作坊2.0」予業界人士參加。 類似於過去議會曾舉辦的「建築信息模擬講座 (半天)」及「建築信息模擬講座及工作坊 (全日)」,「建築信息模擬講座及工作坊2.0」的活動內容更為豐富,並增加了建築信息模擬軟件及有關科技的體驗環節。參加者有機會瞭解建築信息模擬在建築生命週期不同階段的應用。 建築信息模擬講座及工作坊2.0 講座 – 甚麼是建築信息模擬? 導賞團 – 建築信息模擬在建築生命週期的不同應用 互動工作坊 – 建築信息模擬檢視器及其他軟件 體驗工作坊 – 與建築信息模擬有關的科技 (備註:未來數月將舉辦更多同類型講座。) 參與是次活動可獲3小時持續專業發展時數,電子出席證書將會於活動後一個月內以電郵形式發放予出席者。電子出席證書上的名字會使用報名表的登記名字作依據。 如有查詢,請與蔡小姐聯絡 (電郵: bim@cic.hk; 電話: 2100 9034) 。