Digital Twin Experience Sharing (只提供英文版本)

24/06/2024 | 15:30 - 17:30

To further accelerate construction digitalisation and promote the use of digital twin in the construction industry, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has established the CIC Digital Twin Hub at MegaBox Kowloon Bay. It serves as a one-stop shop to facilitate knowledge exchange, nurture talent and inspire innovation in the field of digital twin and construction technology. To share successful story of digitalisation and digital twin applications, this brand-new event is organised for all industry practitioners to provide an in-depth understanding on digital twin applications in projects, its challenges and benefits. We are glad to have the participation of MTR Corporation Ltd. to share their project experience on digital twin. Rundown of the event Welcome address Project Sharing Session: CDE and Digital Transformation at MTR Q&A Digital Twin Hub Tour Speakers Mr. Hanson CHAN – Manager - Project Information (NOL), MTR Corporation Ltd. Remarks: An electronic copy of CPD attendance certificate will be issued to qualified participants after the workshop. For registration, please click "APPLY NOW" and fill in the application form. Registration base on first-come-first-serve basis. Confirmation email will be sent upon successful registration. Please feel free to contact Ms. LI at dthub@cic.hk for any enquiry.
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27/06/2024 | 14:30-17:30

为进一步促进建造数码化,推广数码分身在建造业的应用,建造业议会(议会)于九龙湾MegaBox设立建造业议会数码分身中心。 数码分身是现实世界实体和流程的虚拟分身,以特定的频率和拟真度与现实世界进行同步更新。全新的讲座及工作坊旨在让参与者了解数码分身的概念、其好处以及在项目生命週期不同阶段的应用。 数码分身讲座及工作坊 导赏团 – 数码分身技术的实际应用及智慧工地安全系统(SSSS)的技术展示 讲座 – 项目和组织中採用建筑信息模拟(BIM)的准备工作 互动工作坊 – 建筑信息模拟检视器 (备註:未来数月将举办更多同类型讲座。) 本次活动适合所有对学习数码分身技术感兴趣的人士参加。立即登记数码分身讲座及工作坊,让您在不断发展的建筑行业中保持领先地位。 参与是次活动可获3小时持续专业发展时数,电子出席证书将会于活动后一个月内以电邮形式发放予出席者。电子出席证书上的名字会使用报名表的登记名字作依据。 如有查询,请与蔡小姐联络 (电邮: bim@cic.hk; 电话: 2100 9034) 。