Pending list of New Category (CAT Code)​ and New Functional Type (Sub-CAT Code)​ (只提供英文版本)

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Field type Proposed field name Full proposed field name Application date Application organisation Reason​ Description
Sub CAT CTV Cable TV 20/7/22 Mannings (Asia) Consultants Limited Casue CIC doesn't have Cable TV cable Cable TV cable
Sub CAT WTT WTT HK Limited Telecommunication Cable 20/7/22 Mannings (Asia) Consultants Limited cause CIC doesn't have WTT HK Limited Telecommunication Cable Sub-CAT Code WTT HK Limited Telecommunication Cable
CAT PUE Plumbing Equipment 6/7/23 Architectural Services Department This category is available in Autodesk Revit 2023 but it is not found in CIC's master list. Plumbing Equipment
CAT SKT skirting 14/11/23 ALKF+ require in Architectural, Interior and QS to itemize for cost estmation. Skirting element along the interior finish lining, and it may able to share use with exterior wall.