Master List of Category (CAT Code)​ and Functional Type (Sub-CAT Code)​ (只提供英文版本)

Reason for using CAT and Sub-CAT Code​

The BIM object shall be named systematically and logically for the understanding of users and for easy BIM object management. Certain kinds of BIM object may be modelled for a specific purpose, such as model submission to Works Departments. In such cases the naming conventions of these kinds of BIM objects may be varied to suit the Works Departments requirements. Unless otherwise required, all BIM developers shall apply the methodology of naming conventions specified in this Guide, including Format, Field Definition and Limitation, in their own BIM object library.​


Procedure of applying CAT Code / Sub-CAT Code​

  1. Input the proposed CAT Code / Sub-CAT Code in text field​
  2. Check CAT Code / Sub-CAT Code > tick means proposed abbreviation can be applied, cross means abbreviation already been registered​
  3. Fill in form with the remaining details​
  4. The proposed CAT Code / Sub-CAT Code will be transferred to “Pending List”​
  5. CIC will review the proposed CAT Code / Sub-CAT Code and contact the originator / organisation for more details if necessary​
  6. CIC Task Force on BIM Standards will approve / disapprove the successful CAT Code / Sub-CAT Code and notify the originator / organisation​
  7. Approved CAT Code / Sub-CAT Code will be added into Master List of CAT Code / Sub-CAT Code



DevB TC 

New Category (CAT Code)​

New Functional Type (Sub-CAT Code)​