Construction Digitalisation Webinar on "Common Data Environment – Improving Collaboration from Office to Field" (只提供英文版本)






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Construction Digitalisation Webinar aims at promoting the latest construction digitalisation-related information to stakeholders. Every time, we have a different theme to introduce stakeholders about the latest information or solutions in a particular area. We are glad to have the participation of Autodesk to introduce their solution in this session.



Content of the webinar (information provided by vendor):


As the construction industry embraces technology, the challenge now becomes the sheer volume of data it generates.

A study by consulting firm FMI Corporation that surveyed over 3,900 professionals across the global construction industry, shows that bad data may have cost the industry USD $1.86 trillion in 2020.


How can project teams better manage data across the construction lifecycle using a Common Data Environment (CDE)?  Find out how a centralised repository for project data can provide a single source of truth to improve efficiency and cost savings. From real-time collaboration and streamlined processes, to better data management and reduced risk of errors, a CDE is essential for connecting technologies and software from Design to Build.


During this webinar, we will illustrate:

  • Overview of a CDE in construction projects, including improved collaboration across office and field management
  • Cost Management module as part of the CDE
  • Some examples of implementation of a CDE in construction projects across Hong Kong and ASEAN countries


We will also showcase a technical demo that covers:

  • How a CDE solution connects Design to Build
  • Cost Management
  • ProEst cloud-based estimating
  • Roadmap of future integrations and capabilities


Join us to learn how industry leaders are changing the way construction projects operate by leveraging a CDE to integrate design and construction workflows into one data environment, and combining robust project management capabilities with simple yet powerful field collaboration tools.



  • Mr. Sam SO, Sales Manager, Autodesk Construction Solution, HK & Macau
  • Mr. YUE Ying-long, Technical Solution Specialist, Autodesk Construction Solution, APAC


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