Water Treatment Works Expansion Fast-tracked with BIM (只提供英文版)

3D model helps design and build Hong Kong’s largest on-site chlorine generation plant 

In 2013, Hong Kong’s Water Supplies Department (WSD) has launched a project to expand Tai Po Water Treatment Works, which will supply 30% of the fresh water supply to Tai Po, West and Central Kowloon, and Central and Western Districts of Hong Kong Island. The plant uses chlorine for disinfection of drinking water. The treated water meets the Guidelines for Drinkingwater Quality recommended by the World Health Organisation. Since there are no chlorine gas suppliers in Hong Kong, WSD has been importing liquid chlorine from Guangdong Province, which is transported to the water treatment works for storage and use. 

(Directed from Autodesk Hong Kong BIM Awards 2017: https://damassets.autodesk.net/content/dam/autodesk/www/campaigns/hk-bim-awards-site-project/2017/Award-Winners_WSD.pdf)