HK Re(Generation) Case Study II – Possession’s “Alive Bridge” (只提供英文版)

A few weeks ago, we published as a starting point a series of articles that aims to aware everyone’s mind. Showing case studies and an open feasibility proposal on the topic well known by everyone “Waste and Humans” … How are we doing with our world, cities, neighbourhoods, streets, buildings, homes, habits? Something easy to see when living in a big dense city like Hong Kong, but being a global problem (accepted or not) that we all suffer. 

Maybe is the sad human nature, that only make us react when it affects us individually?. When you feel it on your own feet at the beach, when you see it in a hike, when you get it in your lungs on a morning run, or just while walking to work on your daily basis… yes, is “Waste”...... 

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