InnoCell is the first hybrid Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) permanent building in Hong Kong. After completion, it will provide residential units integrating with co-recreational and working space for technology talents. The construction involves an assembly of 418 MiC modules, that constitutes over 70% constructionfloor-area on accommodation stories.


By leveraging Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology in MiC project, we are committed to resolving inter-disciplinary problems 2 stories prior to site construction, maximize reusability of construction materials, and eventually push forward the conventional construction programme by 6 months. Safety is our top priority, that the team had devoted every effort to enhance safety awareness through disruptive technologies, leading to an achievement of 600,000 man-hours accident free in construction phase.


(Directed from Autodesk Hong Kong BIM Awards 2020: )

BIM Awards 2020 - Award Winners (Hip Hing & HKSTP & Leigh & Orange)