Webinar on Event-based Digital NEC Contract Administration System (只提供英文版本)

















New Engineering Contract (NEC) adopts a fundamentally different philosophy and practice to most other standard form of contracts. NEC is characterised by its period for reply, early warning, integrated pricing options among others.


One may say that a contract is well managed if all the parties comply with the period for reply. In line with the flow-charts published by NEC, Ir C K Ng proposes a new approach to handle NEC projects. Emphasis is placed on the response within the stated period for reply to those NEC communications that may lead to compensation events. The speaker designed a system, dRoW (Digital Record of Work), to help the parties comply with the period for reply. This system is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS), developed using MEAN Stack web application development tools. As a web application, dRoW can provide APIs for interface with other web-based applications e.g. BIM, GIS, RFID, DWSS and EDMS.


In this webinar, the speaker will also give his views on the use of NEC for building contracts from his involvement in building projects in recent years.


Speaker :

Ir C K NG, NEC PM, CCBM, Director of CEO of dRoW Limited


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