BIM Solution Day

CIC Webinar on BIM Solution Day - How to make your project coordination easy with leveraging issues tracking inside of Navisworks & Revit (只提供英文版本)

09/02/2022 | 15:30 – 17:00

The "BIM Solution Day" aims at promoting the latest BIM-related solutions to stakeholders. Every time, we have a different theme to introduce stakeholders about the latest solutions in a particular area. We are glad to have the participation of BIM Track. Content of the webinar (Information provided by vendor): Learning how to navigate and use another BIM software is, let's be honest, a major learning curve. What if you could track and respond to your issues directly inside of Navisworks & Revit? Optimise your design and constructability communication with BIM Track. It will share the optimal issue resolution workflow, working with maximal context in your day-to-day software. See how simple it is to: Create BIM Track issues directly from your Navisworks clashes View and respond to assigned issues within Revit Manage Revit and Navisworks Viewpoints in the cloud Create issues in Revit Automatically generate issue and clash spheres in Revit, Navisworks or Viewer Share project issues, viewpoints, and models with project stakeholders using just a browser Obtain single-click project metrics & reports for Design Review Reporting Speaker: Ms. Vicky LEUNG, Business Development Manager, isBIM Limited Remarks: An electronic copy of CPD attendance certificate will be issued to participants with over 80% attendance within one month after the live webinar. Any attendance on replay sessions after webinar will not be considered for CPD attendance certificate.Please use full name as your i-Club profile name for issuing the CPD attendance certificate. To edit your profile, please click here. Replay video is now exclusive for i-Club members, please click here to join i-Club.
BIM Awareness Seminar 2.0_v2

建筑信息模拟讲座及工作坊 2.0

10/02/2022 | 14:30 – 17:30

所有进入议会范围的访客必须填写健康申报表、使用「安心出行」流动应用程式扫描场地的二维码、量度体温及戴上口罩。请注意,到访人士如出现体温超过摄氏37度、未有戴上口罩或于过去14天曾到访出现疫症的相关国家或地区(详情根据衞生防护中心最新的衞生检疫安排),将不得进入议会范围。有关衞生防护中心最新资讯,请参阅衞生防护中心的网页 建造业议会建筑信息模拟空间禁止饮食(饮用水除外)。 为提高从业员对建筑信息模拟的认知和了解,建造业议会将免费举办「建筑信息模拟讲座及工作坊2.0」予业界人士参加。 类似于过去议会曾举办的「建筑信息模拟讲座 (半天)」及「建筑信息模拟讲座及工作坊 (全日)」,「建筑信息模拟讲座及工作坊2.0」的活动内容更为丰富,并增加了建筑信息模拟软件及有关科技的体验环节。参加者有机会瞭解建筑信息模拟在建筑生命週期不同阶段的应用。 建筑信息模拟讲座及工作坊2.0 讲座 – 甚么是建筑信息模拟? 导赏团 – 建筑信息模拟在建筑生命週期的不同应用 互动工作坊 – 建筑信息模拟检视器及其他软件 体验工作坊 – 与建筑信息模拟有关的科技 (备註:未来数月将举办更多同类型讲座。) 参与是次活动可获3小时持续专业发展时数,电子出席证书将会于活动后一个月内以电邮形式发放予出席者。电子出席证书上的名字会使用报名表的登记名字作依据。 如有查询,请与黄小姐联络 (电邮:; 电话: 2100 9034) 。