Construction Digitalisation Progression Workshop: A Cost Effective Digital Twin Cloud and Desktop Platform for the Rest of Us (只提供英文版本)



  1. 2023年3月30日(星期四)
  2. 2023年5月15日(星期一)

* 两个工作坊的内容相同



14:30 – 17:30




九龙湾宏照道38号企业广场5期 (MegaBox) 2座29楼













The CIC Construction Digitalisation Progression Workshop aims at enhancing practitioners' BIM skill level by providing hands-on opportunities on different BIM and construction digitalisation related software. This time, we are pleased to have Ambit Geospatial Solution in supporting our workshop.


Content of the workshop (Information provided by vendor):

The theme of the workshop is to introduce an internationally renounced 3D digital platform that designs for seamless inventory of all engineering information from design and construction stage to facility maintenance applications.


In this workshop, participants will be able to learn the total solution of the world leading geospatial 3D system – SkylineGlobe in digital transformation application, which is the most popular digital 3D system among both the governmental and commercial sectors in the United States and the mainland China. The demonstration content including the system architecture and its potential application in digital twin and smart city application with emphasis in digital transformation of engineering and construction industry; audience will also be able to experience the synergy functionality of the SkylineGlobe to integrate digital photogrammetry, LiDAR point cloud data and BIM data to facilitate full cycle construction monitoring and stakeholder engagement application. Participants in the workshop will also be able to explore two scalable applications ranging from the SkylineGlobe in desktop application for limited development site to SaaS cloud-based application for territory wide development respectively.


Furthermore, the new generation 3D data acquisition system - SLAM2BIM, which is a highly cost effective and easy to use equipment for engineering user will be demonstrated in the workshop to show its easiness of 3D onsite model acquisition and integration into the SkylineGlobe system; as well as for "as-built" versus "design" auditing application.



Mr. Eric YAU, Senior Geospatial Manager


An electronic copy of CPD attendance certificate will be issued to qualified participants after the workshop.


For registration, please send email to and state with your preferred workshop date, name, organisation, contact number and email address. Please feel free to contact Ms. LI at 3199 7274 for any enquiry. 


Confirmation email will be sent upon successful registration.



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