CIC Webinar on BIM Solution Day (Esri) - ArcGIS Solutions of GIS-BIM Integration for AEC Industries (只提供英文版本)






16:00 - 17:00










The "BIM Solution Day" aims at promoting the latest BIM-related solutions to stakeholders. Every time, we have a different theme to introduce stakeholders about the latest solutions in a particular area.

We are glad to have the participation of Esri China (Hong Kong).

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Content of the webinar (Information provided by vendor):

In this webinar, we will introduce the latest ArcGIS solution for BIM user to manage and deploy models of their AEC projects with leveraging spatial intelligence. The integration of GIS and BIM will offer you a broader and deeper understanding of project in the context of the built and natural environments. GIS, as a common platform, support you to deploy BIM asset in the entire project phases from planning, design, construction to operation and maintenance. GIS and BIM integration will provide you a reliable foundation to develop smart site management solution.



  • Mr. Simon LEUNG, Assistant GIS Solution Manager, Esri China (Hong Kong)

  • Mr. Samuel CHEUNG, GIS Analyst, Esri China (Hong Kong)


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