BIM Awareness Seminar and Workshop 2.0

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To promote the awareness and understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM), the CIC organise "BIM Awareness Seminar and Workshop 2.0" in CIC BIM Space for the industry.  


BIM Awareness Seminar and Workshop 2.0

  1. Seminar - "What is BIM?"
  2. Guided Tour - BIM applications along the project lifecycle
  3. Hands-on Workshop – a taste of BIM and related software
  4. Experience latest technologies – hologram table, VR, etc.


Please download the PowerPoint and feel free to join our coming event. Introduction videos will be uploaded in future, please stay tuned.


Download PowerPoint


Event Calendar

Session 1 - Introduction

Session 2 – Planning & Design and Construction

Session 3 - Operation & Maintenance Stage