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BIM and GIS Data Integration Guidelines (June 2023 Edition)

The Guidelines provide a reference guide with a set of generic rules for the betterment of the conversion process of data from Building Information Modelling (BIM) to Geographic Information System (GIS) platforms, for reference by practitioners of the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sectors.  The Guidelines recommend general guidelines and good practices, focusing on high-level requirements for BIM and BIM-to-GIS data conversion, and target to facilitate interoperable geospatial data management and seamless integration of GIS data derived from BIM into the 3D indoor map so as to support various smart city applications requiring 3D geospatial data. To access the Guidelines (English version only), please visit the LandsD's webpage at: AEC practitioners are always welcome and encouraged to provide comments or feedback on the Guidelines to the LandsD so that continual improvements can be made to future editions.The Guidelines will be updated regularly to take account of advances in technology and the changing needs of the AEC sectors. Subsequent to the release of the Guidelines, LandsD will progressively release technical procedural manuals as supplementary documents, to further elaborate the contents of the Guidelines.