CIC Webinar on BIM-Certification and Accreditation Schemes - Latest Updates, Tips and FAQ

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10 Aug 2022 (Wed)






Presentation in Cantonese, materials in English



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In 2019, Construction Industry Council (CIC) launched the CIC BIM Certification and Accreditation Schemes (the Schemes) to ascertain the competency of BIM practitioners and the quality of local BIM training programmes. The certification scheme for the BIM personnel deal with applicants who wish to be certified by CIC as BIM Managers (CCBM). The accreditation scheme for the BIM training courses is targeted at course providers who are offering or are going to offer BIM Manager courses.


In March of 2020, we have announced to expand the current Schemes by launching the Certification of BIM Coordinators (CCBC) and Accreditation of BIM Coordinator Courses.


This webinar aims to raise your understanding on the Schemes for BIM Managers and Coordinators, including:


  • Why do you need the certification?
  • BIM Career Path
  • Latest updates of the Schemes
    • Adept Route to CCBM
    • Enhanced BIM Coordinator courses
    • Top-up courses to CCBM and CCBC
  • Application Requirements
  • Tips for preparing application submissions and interview assessments


You are cordially invited to attend the webinar to prepare for the application of the Schemes.


Mr. Sunny CHOI          Manager – Industry Development, Construction Industry Council


An electronic copy of CPD attendance certificate will be issued to participants with over 80% attendance within one month after the live webinar. Any attendance on replay sessions after webinar will not be considered for CPD attendance certificate.


Should you have any queries, please contact Ms. Mak (email:; tel: 2100 9846).

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